Hi Everyone, When trying to use chart views ...

(Timothy Martin) #1

Hi Everyone,

When trying to use chart views in my app it shows random numbers that don’t even exist in my spreadsheet. It also pulls up the same first data entry in my list no matter which bar I click on. I have tried different data sources and I get the same results each time. What can I try to do to fix this?


Hi @Timothy_Martin I just submitted a bug fix for a similar issue. It should take effect in a day or two. I suspect it should fix your situation as well but if you tell me the name of the app and steps to find the chart in the app, I can check.

(Bellave Jayaram) #3

@Timothy_Martin what kind of chart? What are the column types being graphed?

(Timothy Martin) #4

It does it on every type of chart. Columns are just simple sales numbers.

(Timothy Martin) #5

A few days ago it was displaying the wrong info but going to the rite entry. Now it shows the wrong info and goes to the first entry.


The problem I investigated appears to have been introduced some time ago, so I’m still not sure why we’re only seeing multiple reports just in the last week or so. I expect my update should fix it, but it’s hard to know for sure without checking the app.

(Timothy Martin) #7

It appears to be showing the correct information now and doing to the correct screens. There is one bar on graphs that does not show any information when highlighted. Looks like it’s always the bar with the highest value.