Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone can help m...

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Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone can help me with this, or if it is indeed a transient error should I just wait it out?

I am experiencing the following error when I try to sync:

See error1 picture, And when i try to ‘Regenerate structure’

and when i try to ‘View table’ the follow (similar error) appears: see Error2

As a solution would switching spreadsheets work?

Thank you!!

P.S I have read the following posts and it seem to reflect my problem 100%


I have tried bulk setting (though i think it is now set as ON by default now)

Looking for a solution, OR I don’t even mind recreating the app again, but I am worried that this will just occur again?? Is there any long term solution that I can use?

Thanks you!!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Unfortunately, this is Google Sheets messing things up again.

Every time this occurs, we go post a bug. Then they fix it. Then they break it again.

I just saw someone else posted to the same Google bugtracker entry today, so I know they have broken it again.

If you go to your Google sheet and try to download it as an xlsx file (Excel format), it will probably error.

When AppSheet loads the data in the editor mode, it uses the Excel export format because that has more information to make inferences. For existing apps that are just running/syncing, the

bulk mode" option is now the default and it uses a more direct API.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

It is something to do with some feature in the spreadsheet, because most sheets export without a problem. I’m guessing it may be related to conditional formatting, or maybe the presence of a chart. You could try removing any “exotic” features and see if the “Download as” functionality works. I also encourage you to post on that Google bug tracker entry.

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Hello Praveen! Yes I tried exporting as xlxs file and you are quite correct, this is not working for me either. But rather than giving me a message of an error, it just shows nothing (as if I didn’t even attempt to click the export button).

Hmmm I do have some conditional formatting in place (nothing that fancy i.e. no formulas in place), but over the last week have had no problems with it syncing with appsheet. However, I will try anwyays maybe deleting some recent work and see how it goes!

Let me know if you come up with any other suggestions! Would like to seek a long term solution (if at all one exist) to avoid such occurrences again.

Thank you!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

Welcome to the cloud :] Google is deploying updates automatically and sometimes they break stuff. That is why it worked yesterday and isn’t working today.

To be fair, we deploy every day and as people observe here in the community, we do break stuff too. For our part, we are balancing that risk with the upside that we keep adding requested features rapidly. And we try to react and fix issues immediately.

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Makes sense to me! From your experience should i wait and see? or go ahead and try to build the app again (by perhaps using a more simple spreadsheet).


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #7

I’d suggest do some experimenting with the sheet. Don’t even bother building the app. Make a copy of the sheet, and see if it will export to xlsx. If you can narrow down what the offending feature is, it will help the Google guys fix it. And then report it to the Google team via that link I sent you. If there is a clear reproducible example, we can probably get them to investigate pretty promptly.

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Thanks will do!


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Hello all,

(This was what i posted on bugging website, just wanted to provide an update)

I narrowed down the issue to a what seems a data validation problem that is specific to a column.

For: (my sheet add)

See Receipts!LE12

(I highlighted the cell in yellow) LE12 has a data validation link to a range. When i select “solo 5” the download to xlxs does not work. When i select say “700 black theater” it does work. I have about 24 different product selections in this data validation, with about 30% i found (through experimenting) consistently not working for downloading, whilst the rest does work. The even more weirder thing is that this problem seems to be isolated to only COLUMN LE. For instance in column LD12, selecting solo5 doesn’t cause a download to excel problem.

I hope this makes sense and assists in narrowing down the issue…and finding a solution!

My workaround solution was to delete row 52 and 53 which seem to have solved the problem…but i see no logic at this stage why that should have worked!