Hi Experts, Can we load the presentation lo...

(Arindam Samanta-ext) #1

Hi Experts,


we load the presentation locally from the device with just one tap/click in the appsheet? Business is expecting to load the presentation locally from the tablet rather than connecting to the GDrive.

Is it technically feasible in appsheet app?

Thanks, Arindam

(Mark Pathfinder) #2

What u mean as presentation?

(Mattéo Menghetti) #3

Hello Arindam, if a column is of type “File” users can upload files from their tablets that render on a browser, so mainly pdf and txt files.

(Arindam Samanta-ext) #4


Hello Matteo, Thank you…Can we display the Google Slide or MS Power point available in GDRIVE if we click in primary view in AppSheet?

Thanks, Arindam.

(Mattéo Menghetti) #5

A google slide or a MS PPT hosted on GDrive can be added as link so the column has to be of type URL. The user will paste the shareable link and then when somebody wants to open it Google Presentation is launched

(Arindam Samanta-ext) #6


Thank You Matteo… I did the same thing. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks, Arindam