Hi Experts, I would like to add one logo in ...

(Arindam Samanta-ext) #1

Hi Experts,

I would like to add one logo in the home page in the APPSHEET. In below picture, the area is yellow highlighted and here I would like to add logo. Is it possible to add logo here? Please help me. Thanks, Arindam.

(Sylvain Rossy) #2

Hi @Arindam_Samanta-ext, AppSheet is a preset framework with standard UX. You won’t be able to add a logo where you placed the yellow square.

(Arindam Samanta-ext) #3

Thank you Sylvain.

(Fabian Weller) #4

The only thing you can add is an emoji.

(Arindam Samanta-ext) #5

@Fabian Thanks Fabian for you reply. Could you please share how I can add emoji in that yellow highlighted area?

(Fabian Weller) #6

@Arindam_Samanta-ext Go to INFO --> PROPERTIES --> APP PROPERTIE. In “Short Name” You have the name of your App “Training Set”. You can paste an emoji here. For example “:grinning: Training Set”. Choose any emoji from a website like this: https://getemoji.com/ You can just copy and paste them. They work like Text. But be aware that emojis look different on different platforms.