Hi, First of all, after trying out AppSheet f...

(Mojanda Grande) #1

Hi, First of all, after trying out AppSheet for a few days I am fascinated by your service.

While trying out your platform, I created two accounts and sent e-mail notifications between the two. Then I decided to upgrade, even before my trial expired…. So, I logged out of the account I did not want to upgrade and logged into the account I wanted to upgrade. Since that was not possible by choosing the Dropbox integration, in a hurry I chose to log into the Google integration. The I upgraded only to find out that my upgraded account was definitely linked to Google Drive… I am not working with Google Drive though, only Dropbox!

Is there a way to reconnect my upgraded account to my Dropbox account?


(Syed Faheemuddin) #2

Hi have a look at this.

https://help.appsheet.com/data/using-different-data-sources/using-multiple-data-sources Using Multiple Data Sources help.appsheet.com

(Mojanda Grande) #3

Thank you very much, Syed!