Hi folks, I have been enjoying the feature wh...

Hi folks, I have been enjoying the feature where I can sync my google calendar with my appsheet application. This has worked, with changes syncing in both directions… until yesterday.

I am in Australia, and need my date format to be DD/mm/yyyy.

The Google Calendar API seems to be misinterpreting this all of a sudden, and after each sync of a new calendar entry it switched DD and mm around.

This also has the effect of creating a new [Row ID] for the calendar item which breaks my references to the calendar in the other table that wraps it.

Any advice on how to fix what looks like a Google Calendar API problem to me?

Cheers, David.

Was there any other change to the app that might have triggered this? Were you in the editor changing things or just using the app?

You can set the locale for each table in your AppSheet app. I’m wondering if you may have the locale set wrong

Hi Praveen,

Some further work has uncovered the following:

-the [Start] and [End] datetime columns in the Calendar table (which are fed straight from the Google Calendar api), are always in the mm/dd/yyy hh:mm:ss format, even when the table locale and browser locale are set to Australian English. -appsheet displays these raw data as inputs in the locale I set the table to: e.g. if I set the locale of the table to Australia, it interprets 12/04/2018 as 12 April 2018.

-The problem is that my google calendar is actually seeing that same date as 4 December 2018. -So, the only way I can reliably sync between appsheet and google calendar is to set my table locale in the Calendar table to US English. That way I can leave the rest of my tables, which reference [Calendar].[start] and [Calendar].[End] set to Australian English and there is no longer any problem.

Does that make sense to you Praveen? And if so, might it be good to warn other users of the Google Calendar sync of the need to always set the Calendar table to US English?

Or is there another way to make the raw data from Google Calendar come through in a format different to the US English locale?

Cheers, David.

@David_Ackling-Jones @praveen
Thank you for that post. This is exactly what I see. I’m in Germany and also need dd/mm/yyyy.
My workarond was to manually change the [Start] like:
CONCATENATE(MONTH([Start]) , "." , DAY([Start]) , "." , YEAR([Start]))
But I will try now to change the Time Locale to US English.

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