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Hi folks

Note: I miscategorized this post and cannot switch it. Should be in Behaviour: How to?

I have two tables:

  1. Student Info 2. Student Timetables

Each uses the student ID as the key field. I set student ID in Student Info table as a ref and pointed it to the Student Timetables. This relationship worked as expected.

However, if I set the student ID field in Student Timetables as a ref and point it to Student Info, I get an error about circular references.

How do I set the relationships such that opening either table first will provide a link to the other one? I have done this using Filemaker Pro in the past but cannot seem to make it work here.

(Brian McKenzie) #2

Ok, so I have solved my own problem. Turns out AppSheet creates an automatic two-way link via a virtual column in the child table. For some reason the link wasn’t showing despite numerous syncs. Once I logged out of the phone app and logged back in the link appeared and all works according to my grand design.

(Grant Stead) #3

Good, I was trying to think of the reasons that it wouldn’t show!