Hi Guys again, I'm trying to run one table ...

(C Kass) #1

Hi Guys again,

I’m trying to run one table for all my ref.

So my problem is that I have a question (marked) witch I have set as a emun with results of (paint or sticker).

That’s fine but then I want to have a column straight after set as enum an running a valid_if =task[Colour] and the just to try and keep the form tidy I would like to put a show_if in =[Marked]=“Paint”.

But I can not get to show at all when Column “Marked” has selected paint.

Any ideas?

(Marc Dillon) #2

Remove the show_if formula. Does the question appear now? If so then there is something wrong with the formula, make sure your capitalization and spelling of variables is all correct. If it still does not show, then the problem is somewhere else.

(C Kass) #3

Yes when show_if formula is removed everything works fine.

It’s just I would like the show_if to make the form cleaner. have triple checked everything and still can’t get it to work.

I have this working on another form an is works fine.

The only thing is the one that’s working is linking to the key column where this one is not.

Can this play a problem???

(Marc Dillon) #4

The name of the column is 'Marked With?", not just “Marked”. So: show_if = [Marked With?]=“Paint”

(Marc Dillon) #5

I think you’ll have to provide some more info to solve this problem. Maybe a list of all your table and column names. Maybe a few screenshots. I’m not real sure.

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

Is the [Marked] column a ref type?

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@Aleksi_Alkio have tried ref type but wouldn’t work because i’m not linking the key column. So I’ve gone to enum type with the valid_if and it works but all I want to do is add Show_if.