Hi guys and girls. We are a group of friends ...

(Tinna Cederkrantz) #1

Hi guys and girls. We are a group of friends who are sharing this little beachhouse with 6 keys to the doorlock. The keys are numbered and can be accessed (picked up) at our neighbour. I want to make an App, that shows which of my friends has what key.

I see the App as

a place to “Check” the key out to a person. When finish using the beachhouse, the person “check” the key back in. (to the neighbour) I do want to keep the history as well.

My first try was So-So. ( When I “Check” the key IN, I

had to delete the entry) Which gave me no History.

Is there a “Sample App” I can use and work further on or is there some idears for me to ease my otherwise fun, making the App? Thanks.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Create a key table and then on related table for Key In, Key Out. Every time you need to add, you will add it into that related table and you will see the whole history. Every record will contains Timestamp, In/Out and the user for example.