Hi guys, Does anybody know how can i filter ...

(Jin Tan) #1

Hi guys,

Does anybody know how can i filter certain row to be shown in my view? For example, I want the data to show only when it is approved by Manager.

I have tried slice, but it wont work.

Besides, I know i can do this by going to (Data)>(Select the table i want)>(Choose security Filter)>(And type the condition). However, i would require to pay for a Pro Plan to use this feature.

Is there any other way i can filter certain row to be shown in my view other than choosing Pro Plan?

(Reza Raoofi) #2

If you could make it by Security Filter, you should be able to make it by slice too; what do you mean and slice didn’t work?

(Jin Tan) #3


This is what i mean. Before i applying filter, i can see every row with status ordered and open. After i applied filter, i can only see row that is ordered (please check my next comment for the photo).

I can achieve this by using Security Filter.

(Jin Tan) #4


(Jin Tan) #5

What method can i achieve this other than security filter?

(Reza Raoofi) #6

What condition do you use for your Security Filter that is working well? You should be able to use the same exact condition in a Slice’s condition, and then build a view based on the Slice.

(Jin Tan) #7


Thank you for your guidance and advise. Appreciate :smiley:

What i did: Creating a slice with the same exact condition as i created for security filter, then i need to create a UX view by using the data from slice(this is where i missed out previously so i could not see the result.).

(Reza Raoofi) #8

@Jin_Tan You’re welcome!