Hi guys... Has someone ever succeeded to dyn...

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Hi guys…

Has someone ever succeeded to dynamically set the starting view based on USEREMAIL() ?

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar , was actually expecting something like IF(IN(USEREMAIL(),TableName[Emails]), View1,View2). Is there something wrong with this formula? The expression builder says no. But each time i save the formula and return to UX-> Options -> General–>Starting view, i noticed the formula is no more and had been replaced by a random default view.

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Hi @RoSCA_La_Familial, I tested with the formula you have given and it works well. I am attaching a screenshot of the formula and the associated displayed view for your reference.

After making the changes, I will request you to log in in the app again, in the devices where you are testing this functionality, apart from editor device.

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Just in case you continue to face problem and if it is OK with you, I request you to share your account ID and App name with senior colleagues in AppSheet team so that they can take a look at.

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Just tried again with this same formula and it works. Today is a blessed day. What happen ? Not sure I can answer. But thanks @Suvrutt_Gurjar

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Hi @RoSCA_La_Familial, Thank you for your update. Good to know that the formula works the way you want.

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Hi @RoSCA_La_Familial,I tested the requirement and it worked for me in the following manner.

I created a simple three column lookup table called ViewSel (for ViewSelect) with columns ID(Key), Email and View. I entered Emails and corresponding starting view names in respective columns.

I put the following expression under

UX – > Options – > General – > Starting View


I tested it for two different USEREMAIL ids and it worked well.

There could be other ways to achieve this but just thought of updating you on one way that works.