Hi guys I am trying to get data from another table using Select

Hi guys I am trying to get data from another table

I used this but is not showing up in the form???
ANY(SELECT(PM Permits[BOC number], ([Permit Date] = [_THISROW].[DATE])))
should I use a text format or list??
when I use list is says only virtual column can use list
when i use a virtual column it does not show either?? also I don’t want to use a virtual column because I want the data to be written to the sheets from the form completion
am I doing this wrong is there a easer way

thanks in advanced for the help

Hi @peter_jenkinson1
Which are your key columns?
Also check out this thread by @Steve for Select.


Hi thanks for the reply
is this what you mean?

SELECT(PM Permits[BOC number], AND([Permit Date] = [_THISROW].[DATE],[PIC] = [_THISROW].[PIC],CONTAINS([Description of Works], [Asset])))

so i think this how its working
in table PM Permits using the BOC column
is checking if the (table PM Permits)permit date is equal to (table PM Monthly)date and also checks if (table PM Permits) [Description of Works] contains (table PM Monthly)[Asset]

it does seem to be working

but it does not display anything in my from is it because I am using a text format for the column??

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