Hi guys! I have a project with a MySQL data...

(Pedro Paulo Sant'Anna) #1

Hi guys!

I have a project with a MySQL database. So, the data has been saved but the AppSheet save images/files in diferents folders. When I get this file/image

fields the path is diferent of Appsheet url. Why it is happenning? I need to display this files/images in a website but the image do not appear.

(Reza Raoofi) #2

When you use a SQL database like MySQL by default image files will be stored in the same cloud provider that app creator’s account is using and under the same folder that is named with this pattern: AppName-AppSheetID

If you want to access those image files from another website the image folder or the individual image files must be publicly shared. Have you done that?

Also read this article about displaying images: http://help.appsheet.com/ux/views/displaying-images-and-documents

(Analista Vega) #3

¿como hiciste ese botón?

(Pedro Paulo Sant'Anna) #4

@Analista_Vega this is a website

(Reza Raoofi) #5

Did you read the document in the link I sent you above? There is a paragraph in that document with this title: “Showing Images in Google Sheets”

It will explain how to make URL to the images in your app. Then in your website you should be able touse those URLs