Hi guys! I have created an app that allows me...

(Nikita Derevianko) #1

Hi guys! I have created an app that allows me to track oil collections from restaurants that we service. Basically every time I go to pick up the oil I create a new entry for that restaurant indicating the date and amount of oil collected. The data from Appsheet is saved in google sheets. I would like to connect my app to a thermal bluetooth printer ( I am pretty sure I am not the only one here :slight_smile: ), so I can give a copy of the collection data to the restaurant for their records.

I have done some research and I have found an android app call Quick Printer that connects to my bluetooth thermal printer, and it is able to print text/plain from a google sheet cell or multiple cells, but you have to select actual text not the cell itself. Once I select the text in google sheet that I want, options appear where I can select “share” action select “Quick Printer” app and voila! it prints the required text. The app developer (of Quick Printer) provides code to allow to integrate it into other apps, see link below (I am not a programmer, so not sure if it is possible to integrate this with appsheet) https://github.com/diegoveloper/quickprinter/blob/master/README.md

Any suggestions how to integrate this type of print action into my appsheet app? E.g. action button “print” that would select multiple data fields that I require in text/plain format from my collections entry (Restaurant Name, litres, and date of collections) and send it to Quick Printer or instigate share action so I can select Quick Printer from share options myself and print the data?

Thank you in advance!

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Nikita_Derevianko,The following details may be useful to you if your thermal printer make is compatible to Google Cloud Print service.

There are many Google recommended printing apps as well listed that you can download. These can work once your print material is available on say GMAIL from AppSheet app through workflow. I request you to

check at


I have

yet not practically tested google cloud printing though. HP Printers - Connecting and Using Google Cloud Print | HP® Customer Support support.hp.com


There are a number of 3rd party apps that will help you make a connection to your printer, PCL pro is one I use in addition to Google Cloud Print as stated above. Another option would be to email your receipt/report once you submit you data, that can be setup in your app as well. This option would eliminate the need to print on your end, they can of course print on the client side if they choose. Another thought, and there are a number of ways to do this, and that is to setup client access to a pivot table with only their data, they have only read permissions, however at that point they can view and query a number of ways, and of course print whatever they need. You can use charts etc…