Hi guys!!! I have everything set to send me a...

(Fade Plaza) #1

Hi guys!!! I have everything set to send me an email when an update is made but it does not, what could I be doing wrong? I have a premium plan.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Fade_Plaza Workflow emails are sent to the app creator’s email address while the app is in prototype mode. Could that be the issue?

(Philip Garrett) #3


If that does not work see this article help.appsheet.com - Troubleshooting Workflow Emails

Troubleshooting Workflow Emails help.appsheet.com

(Fade Plaza) #4

@tony is already deployed, and check audit history and it doesnt appear my trouble. I see the article but I cant see the anwer yet.

(Philip Garrett) #5


I looked at app “Vista Cliente” which is “oTRA-401290-564550-623438-414905-564550”. I looked at workflow rule “Gatillo Cliente”.

That rule is triggered when you update table “Eva”. There have not been any updates to the table in the past three days. You can check that yourself by looking at the audit history. As a result, the workflow rule is not being triggered.

If I am looking at the wrong app, please provide: 1. Your account id 2. The app name 3. The workflow rule name 4. The exact time in the audit history of the update for table “Eva”. Looking for a specific app? - AppSheet appsheet.com