Hi guys, I tried the "Reset on every edit" f...

(Stephane Ouellet) #1

Hi guys,

I tried the “Reset on every edit” feature and it seems to not working on a EnumList field.

I’d like to reset the selection before open the dropdown list. Is it possible?


(Steven Coile) #2

What specific behavior are you seeing, and how would you expect it to behave?

(Reza Raoofi) #3

“Reset on every edit” is supposed to reset to Initial Value.

(Stephane Ouellet) #4

I have an initial Value “Good” and if I open the dropdown list for select an anomalies, i’d like to clear the default value. Otherwise it cause some errors (have “Good” with anomalies). Thanks

(Stephane Ouellet) #5

Of course “Good” is in the list for the validation

(Steven Coile) #6

So the problem is that, because you’re using an EnumList, the initial value isn’t cleared when other values are added to the list.

The behavior I understand you’re describing is the proper behavior.

What are you trying to accomplish? You want the EnumList to contain only Good if and only if it contains no other values?

(Stephane Ouellet) #7

Clear the Initial Value if I open the dropdownlist.

(Steven Coile) #8

Not possible.