Hi Guys, I'm testing an app. with the free ac...

(Trent Daily) #1

Hi Guys, I’m testing an app. with the free account and getting user warnings and that the account might be blocked,etc… Does viewing the app on the web (the link when deployed) count as a user? I’m otherwise only using it logged in as a Google user on the iphone app.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

When you have deployed the app and you are the only user, you should set the app as private. If you need to test the app with other users (max 10), you should stay on that prototype mode.

(Trent Daily) #3

Thanks Aleksi, will making it private mean that the web link stops working and does viewing via the web link count as a user? (i.e. it only works when logged in on my phone? Which is OK as a compromise). I’m not ready to commit to a subscription so I just want to play myself for now under all circumstances deployed,etc… Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

No, it doesn’t mean that.