Hi guys, I'm wondering if someone can please...

(Anton Dickens) #1

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if someone can please give me a bit of insight into an issue I’m having.

I have a form which an address can be added to, which then displays on a map once the record is complete. I’m using the suggestions which come up in the address field to select the address (which looks like Google Maps suggestions?). I’m finding issues when it comes to plot these on the map, it appears the map might be a Bing Map? Bing doesn’t seem to recognise some localities suggested by Google in the form, so will plot the location somewhere else (even outside NZ, when the address includes NZ funnily enough!). Searching the address in Bing gives another locality which when put into the app form, plots it in the right location.

Is there some way of managing this to have the selected address come from the map? The function will be great if it works this way!

Cheers Anton

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi Anton, the map within the app is definitely a Google map. Where are you seeing a Bing map?

(Anton Dickens) #3

Hi there Praveen,

Many thanks for the reply. I’ll run you through how this is happening with a couple of screenshots in separate comments, I’m probably not explaining myself well.

So in my form I have an address field which has an autofill (this was already in AppSheet) like this. So by typing the address I can find the correct address (the suburb is correct and it is followed by New Zealand which would help ensure the address was found in the right country).

(Anton Dickens) #4

So now returning to map view, I find the test client in England, and the expected location was in the lower South Island of New Zealand. Note the location included New Zealand.

(Anton Dickens) #5

From here trying to troubleshoot why the address hasn’t worked out, I look it up in Google Maps which gives the same address as suggested by AppSheet (suburb of Branxholme) and also the correct location on the map.

(Anton Dickens) #6

Then further searching on Bing Maps, we get the suggestion of Ryal Bush as the suburb and the location, again showing at the correct location on the Bing map (same location on the map as Google, but the different suburb - both Ryal Bush and Branxholme are very close together here).

(Anton Dickens) #7

I suppose in summary the question is that if you are able to choose the address in the Job Address field and it all appears correct, why does it plot in another country?

I have had this happen with a lot of clients I am entering, it doesn’t happen on every entry but a good 25% or more.

Originally I had two fields, Job Address (street address) then Locality (which was the nearest town) and used concatenate in the formula in a virtual column to combine this information along with New Zealand as the country, and this seemed to work well. Then I noticed the suggestions and decided to change the input method to this as it should give perfect accuracy for mapping (provided the address is found).

Any ideas would be great as to why there is this anomaly.

Many thanks and really appreciate your time.

Anton :slight_smile: