Hi Guys, It is possible to create an action...

(Marco Silvio Jäggi) #1

Hi Guys,

It is possible to create an action (grouped) with this 2 instructions in sequence: 1) linktoform 2) linktoview ? I try but the second instruction is ignored.

Thanks a lot

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

@Marco_Silvio_Jaggi you can configure the finish view for a form to be whatever view you want. Would that work?

(Marco Silvio Jäggi) #3


The process I have to manage expects this steps: 1) indentify the customer (MySql table “1” - Appsheet view “A”) 2) make a native device call (grouped actions from MySql table “1” - Appsheet view “A”) 3) ask user if need to compose a report (Google sheet “2” - Appsheet form “B”), if yes 4) allow user to compose the report (MySql table “2” - Appsheet form “C”)

The grouped actions start well

  1. MySql table “1” - Appsheet view “A”, the native call does;

  2. after the action calls Google sheet “2” - Appsheet form “B” to ask if user needs to compose a report, that does; 3) third grouped action doesn’t work.


Thanks a lot

(Bellave Jayaram) #4