Hi Guys, Map pins how do you control the dat...

(C Kass) #1

Hi Guys,

Map pins how do you control the data that when clicking on the pin. In the app preview (on pc), (when clicking on the pin) is shows the (load an load name) but when opened on the phone and pin is clicked on it is showing the (location and date).

Anyone got any ideas?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi Chris, when a pin is selected, the inline view shown is defined as one of the ‘system views’ (check the UX -> Views pane and click on the link to show System Views). So you can control it. It has a primary column (usually the Label) and a secondary column. I suspect your app on the phone is running an older version of your app than the one in the emulator, because otherwuse they should both show exactly the same thing.

(C Kass) #3

@praveen Both phones (IOS) are up to date (11.1), there is no updates in app store.