Hi guys need some help. I made a slice of my...

(Alvaro Mascaro) #1

Hi guys need some help.

I made a slice of my data to filter the view to show only today’s date. I have a [date] column. This works fine.

However I made a chart as below which will show the entries for each column. These different coloured bars represent different [stores] however in the legend its displaying them as dates and not stores. How can I fix this ?

To be clear the slice filter formula I’m using is [date]=today() I want the blue and red legend to be the respective store ie. Blue should be Melb. Central and red should be Collins St.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

This looks like a Row Series chart. Each row is one series in the chart. The row is marked by the Row Label. I’m guessing you have the date marked as the label. Instead, change that to make the Store the label. via the Column Structure pane of the app editor.

(Alvaro Mascaro) #3

That was exactly it !!! Thank you !