Hi guys!! Sorry for bothering you. I'm havin...

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Hi guys!! Sorry for bothering you.

I’m having a problem with my app. I need a time in and time out feature but as a hidden or read only value. Time in works fine with TIMENOW() but time out throws the same time as time in. How can I get around this?



@Tomadato_Auditores First make an action (Behavior / Actions) to “set the value of a column” with the value being TIMENOW() and the column being your “time out” column. Make the prominence “do not display”. Then for your form, create a form view control (UX/Views) and set the Form Saved event to trigger the new Action. This will capture the time when the form is saved.

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Can you explain what you are trying to do in more detail? When exactly are you trying to capture TimeIn and TimeOut?

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@Adam_Stone_AppSheet Thank you!!!