Hi guys! We have stucked in appsheet pricing,...

(Buğra Keskin) #1

Hi guys! We have stucked in appsheet pricing, we are continuing developing somehow content and the appdesign however our client base needs about 500 individiual users that needs to login seperately. Do i need to purchase each 500 license seperately? which is not possible in our side. These 500 users needs to access a just one type of form within the appsheet. Whats the correct licensing path for this? Customer budget is so limited…

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

@Bugra_Keskin do these forms contain sensitive data as per GDPR? If not, you can use a public app licence and set the security filter to FALSE so no any user sees others data

(Buğra Keskin) #3


so basically what i want to achieve; All agencies we work should fill a form from the app. Should i pay the licence for all agencies?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #4

@Bugra_Keskin Publisher Pro licence is $50 per month regardless of the number of users. However it’s not a secure plan as you can’t use oAuth to authenticate the user and the app data is public. Provided your tables do not contain any sensitive data as per GDPR, you can use this plan. You can also set the Security Filter of each table to FALSE to prevent users seeing other user data.

(Buğra Keskin) #5

@Levent_KULACOGLU thank you so much.