Hi Guys, Your suggestion is much appreciated...

(Dan) #1

Hi Guys,

Your suggestion is much appreciated in this:

The App that I created is used by truck drivers. Some times they are not in mobile range. The App functions ok with no mobile signal. However, if we make any changes to the app

(as some parts of the app is still under dev), while the drivers are outside of the mobile range, the data that will not sync from their devices after they come into the range.

The App needs to be RESET on their devices and the local data gets deleted. I understand why this happens. But is there a way to avoid this?

There is always things that will get updated in the app and when it has many users it is impractical to let everyone know to sync for us to do any updates.


(Tony Fader) #2

@Daniel_Veluswamy If you have changes that won’t sync, you can use “recovery mode” to make sure your changes go through. See this article: help.appsheet.com - Errors During Sync

Most of the time, only changes to your schema (e.g. removing columns) will cause problems. Errors During Sync help.appsheet.com

(Dan) #3

@tony Hi Tony, Thank you so much. Will the recovery mode work even if the data not syncing due to schema changes?

(Tony Fader) #4

@Daniel_Veluswamy Yes. But can you say more about what error messages you’re seeing when your users can’t sync?

(Dan) #5

@tony Hi, I can’t remember the exact wording, but surely something like. “Sync error due to Add or Delete Table”

I clearly did remember making some changes to the schema. Please let me know if the recovery mode sync will still work. Thanks heaps.