Hi! Happy new year, everyone! I'm (very) new...

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Hi! Happy new year, everyone!

I’m (very) new to appsheets and I would like some help with my app. I’m working on something to schedule and track equipment loans. Ideally, the user would open the app, select the equipment, select the date/time/duration of the loan and the app would return positively if the date was available or negatively if there are no equipments of that sort available on that date.

I understand that I have to: - Input equipment quantities somehow; - Deduct that quantity only for the period of time selected by the user; - Show the user when all equipments are booked for the time selected;

Is that possible? :frowning:

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@Steven_Coile can you help me? Hahaha

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@Ana_Luiza What sort of help do you want? Are you looking for someone to write an app for you?

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@Steven_Coile well, I was hoping for some guidelines for the situation I described. However, since you confirmed it is possible, I’ll try to figure it out.