Hi, has your server gone down? My Apps won't ...

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #1

Hi, has your server gone down? My Apps won’t load.

(App Ceiba) #2

No, my app is loading without problems

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #3

@App_Ceiba Without prying are you in Europe? I am in UK

(App Ceiba) #4

@StudentHomes_Plymout yes thats why, I just posted a differente topic saying that Im facing problems to save forms, did you notice some issue filling forms, eg. when click save the app doesnt react

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #5

@App_Ceiba if you are in Europe you would have probably experienced the same problem. That is to say saving data to device only would work but syncing would not as one of the two European servers went down. Should be okay now, if not you will need to ask Appsheet support.

(App Ceiba) #6

ok, but I´m in Brazil and the problem is still happening…

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #7

@App_Ceiba Suggest you message AppSheet to see if they have another problem or raise new post on community

(James W Rezin) #8

I have same issue, may be UK based only

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #9

+JW R @App_Ceiba Thanks at least I’m not alone. Fingers crossed be back online soon

(James W Rezin) #10

They are looking into it

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #11

Thanks +JW R also just received message from Aleksi

(James W Rezin) #12

Should be back up now

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #13

+JW R Confirmed back up & running

(App Ceiba) #14

@StudentHomes_Plymout Im not in UK

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #15

@App_Ceiba probably why you didn’t have a problem