Hi, how can I add a facebook login to appsh

Hi, how

can I

add a facebook login to appsheet apps?

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Unfortunately you can’t add social media login to AppSheet right at the moment.

i know, i ask if it was possible using some tricks … like SDK

facebook login in some script

my app is for a private group Fb only , and it’s close to other people, the fb login it’s more easy ways to identify them


It can be done with some scripting for sure but to display the native login html, the user should be able to sign-in the app via one of the allowed cloud providers. If they could be able to do that already, there is no need to display a FB login page though. However, you can request it as a feature from here:

https://www.appsheet.com/feature-requests Login - AppSheet appsheet.com

@fabio_pedone you can use AWS Cognito to allow Facebook logins

That Feature Request has been logged by this community more than a million times :wink:

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Requires a different subscription. Too expensive route to get Facebook logins

Sounds like an excuse

What sounds like an excuse?

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I’ve been waiting for few days for an answer or a link to how should we manage thousands of members in the app.

Can you please assist?