Hi, how to auto capture gps in already saved form?

i have attached 1 excel sheet to 2 views ( created new table with same sheet). i have two columns of gps capture, each per table.

1 st view is - can create,update.
2nd view- can update ( no creation)

so i am getting the gps capture while creating the new record using here()

in 2nd view, here() is not capturing gps and is available to capture manually.

how to capture gps in another view in update mode with empty cell.

sorry for my bad english.

You can move HERE() to App Formula instead of Initial Value, but know that it will update every time the record is updated. Or you can turn Reset On Edit? on.

Either way though, you probably will have to put other limits in place to make sure you’re only capturing it when you want/need to capture it.


For reference:


Perfect, thanks for the help, its working.

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Thanks Marc and Steve,

I’m going to explain in Spanish, and if you can translate for me better if not I will try to translate. thanks

En mi tabla A hay un dato que arrastra LOCATION, cln HERE() automáticamente, pero cuando entro en APPSHEET para cambiar un parámetro me arrastra mi ubicación y no quiero que esto suceda.

Tengo indicado que si está en blanco la casilla del usuario, se complete sólo.
¿cómo puedo indicar que suceda sin arrastrar mi ubicación? Gracias

Google Translation:

Unfortunately I cannot understand what you’re trying to say or ask from that translation. Maybe try to explain it a different way?

Lamentablemente, no puedo entender lo que estás tratando de decir o pedir de esa traducción. ¿Quizás tratar de explicarlo de otra manera?

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Ok, sorry Marc, let me try.

I have one sheet “A”, one of the data is LOCATION, where I indicate HERE().

If I entry to modify data it takes my ubication, not the user ones.
How can I do to happen without dragging my location?

Can you understand now??
thanks Sara

I understand this as
“I have a table “A”, one of the fields/columns is [LOCATION], where I have the HERE() function”
If that’s correct, please tell us if it’s AppFormula or Initial Value.

I think you should have it as Initial Value and Reset on Edit but inside an IF()
Something like this:


I don’t work with location but it seems that this expression should work and update the location with the actual one just if the user editing the record is anyone but yourself


It is still not very clear what you are wanting to achieve. But perhaps your problem is, as Oscar mentions, the case of a new HERE() value, overwriting the original value. If that is the case, you should probably use Initial Value, instead of App Formula.

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Thanks, I’m going to try and reply again.

And if the APPSHEET has the data jet with my location, can I erase to empty now??