Hi! I am building an application to help man...

(Vanessa Mares Porto) #1


I am building an application to help manage a home / apartment renovation project. This application aims to get data from this renewal project and use that data to be more accurate and reliable in the next projects.

App users are allowed to add and edit data, in order to create and modify information and update the status of the project.

However I would like to keep all the data that we collect, therefore, I am looking for a solution that will make it possible to these users to update a row without replacing the old information that it contains.

I just need that this row is considerated “out of date” and that a new row “up to date” is created.

Is there and automated way of doing this?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Would you please describe your case little more… I’m confused about these two… “update a row without replacing the old” against this “that a new row “up to date” is created”. Beginning you are talking about updating the row and in the end you would like to add a new row. Thanks!


Hi, would copy and edit the row work for you? Just add a copy action.

(Vanessa Mares Porto) #4

@Aleksi_Alkio Hello! To the user’s point of view, he is just going to “edit” the information. From our point of view, with this action, we want to keep the old row and pass it into a status “out of date”, so it wont appear to the users, and create a new roll with the edited information, which will be considerer “up to date”. Thanks!

(Vanessa Mares Porto) #5

@Lynn Hello! I saw this option! Its almost this. Actually I was looking to have just 1 boutton to make an action over two rows: for the old row, I need just to change its status, not to show this to the user (consider it as a “invalid” row), and to the new copied row, change the information and make it “valide”. I am wondering if the only solution is with two bouttons and 2 actions.

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

You can combine two actions to the same action button. First one (hidden) will change the status and the 2nd one (hidden again) will copy a new row. Finally you need 3rd action which will be the launcher for both of these actions (execute a sequence of actions).

(Vanessa Mares Porto) #7

@Aleksi_Alkio Hello! Thanks for the tips! Very useful! Unfortunatelly it worked partially! The first hidden action of changing the status to “invalid” worked, the second hidden action of copying this row and editing the new row worked also, however it also copyied the “invalid” status. So I tried different things to change the status to “valid” of the new row, like adding a third hidden action of changing the status another time to “valid”, but it doesn’t work. I guess that doing this way, the system doesn’t understand that this third action is over the new row and it ignores it, the third action doesn’t change anything att all. Do you have another idea? Thanks!