Hi I am experiencing issues with Page_Header ...

(Henry Scott) #1

Hi I am experiencing issues with Page_Header functioning properly. All Page Styles are set to “Tabs” and my “Show” Columns are set, BUT it does not display the Description/Display Name Text. I have a couple of these Page Headers that are Virtual Columns and I cannot replicate the scenario, but I sometimes get it to display properly if I take the “Show” Type off, Save & Verify, then set it back to “Show” Type, Save and Verify and it works. But as I said this is not consistent. Please help @Aleksi_Alkio or anybody that experienced this kind of issue before?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

As I responded elsewhere, Show columns show the information in the Content field of the column definition. They don’t show the name of the column. This is because Show columns could be video or image or things other than Text.

(Henry Scott) #3

@praveen thank you Praveen