Hi, I am getting an error and not sure how to...

(Sean Whaley) #1

Hi, I am getting an error and not sure how to fix it?

Unable to fetch app definition: Error:Internal error: ‘CultureInfos’ does not contain entry for Locale ‘en-HK’./n

Thank you in advance.

(Philip Garrett) #2


Can you tell me which app is having the problem? If possible, can you also identify the table having locale “en-HK”? I am not certain where that locale originated.

I will add support for the “en-HK” locale.

If testing goes well, the “en-HK” locale will be supported on Wednesday afternoon Seattle time.

(Sean Whaley) #3

Wow, that’s amazing - thank you very much! The App is " SeanLogsheet-481670 ". I am not sure which table but I have tried to change locales each of the 4 tables as well as the GSheets/GCals too. Sorry to bother you but am deeply grateful for your help.

(Philip Garrett) #4


It appears that the “en-HK” locale is coming from Google Calendar. I am not sure exactly where it is coming from within Google Calendar.

In any event, “en-HK” support will be available on Wednesday afternoon Seattle time, provided testing goes well.

(Sean Whaley) #5

So helpful and appreciate your effort and incredibly quick reply. I am recommending Appsheet to anyone and everyone I know. Thanks so much!

(Sean Whaley) #6

Thanks again for all your help. It’s working perfectly as usual again - thank you!