Hi! I am having a problem with workflow pdf....

(Serviços Lasetronik) #1


I am having a problem with workflow pdf.

I include images and text on refs, but it does not show in pdf (using start and end expressions).

The lines are included, but it is blank!

How could I soulve this trouble?


(Philip Garrett) #2


Your <> and <> are in the wrong place.

See this example table template docs.google.com - OrderDetailTableTemplate

The <<Start: …>> should be in the first cell of the data row just before <>.

The <> should be in the last cell of the data row just after <>.

The idea is that

everything between the <> and <> is repeated for each row in your table. So the <> is the very first thing in the first cell of your template data row. Similarly, the <> is the very last thing in the last cell of the template data row.

The template data row can be preceded by a header row. Your header row contains your column names.

The template data row can optionally be followed by a summary (total) row. Your table does not include a

summary row.

OrderDetailTableTemplate docs.google.com

(Serviços Lasetronik) #3

Hi Phillip,

I did it according to the template, but the problem remains!

(Philip Garrett) #4


It sounds like both the location and the contents of the <> were wrong.

Please provide: 1. Your account id 2. Your app name 3. Your workflow rule name

(Serviços Lasetronik) #5


  1. account id:115406 2. app name: KOFSP-79303-18-08-02( Renamed: GLTK) 3. workflow rule name: Corretiva
(Serviços Lasetronik) #6

I put the Start in this position:

(Philip Garrett) #7


I was trying to debug the issue with your workflow rule but it appears that you are in the process of modifying it.

The workflow template above looks perfect. The <> and <> are in the right places. The Start expression looks valid.

I suspect that the problem is not with your workflow rule, but with the values in the data records. Especially, the Refs between records.