Hi! I am having some weirdness going on with ...

(Auto Magic PDR) #1

Hi! I am having some weirdness going on with the ChangeTimestamp. When the timestamp is captured it later changes…Can anyone help? I used a column for an enum button to trigger the ChangeTimestamp similar to the example app they have in appsheet! another column is the change time stamp. and once the button is pressed it will create the timestamp! I have 4 of these buttons with ChangeTimestamp for one entry all being entered at different times. These are the details:

For the buttons I have Type Enum, then the button “Start” Editable_if ISBLANK([_THIS])

Then for the capturing of time column I have the Type ChangeTimeStamp then the ChangeColumn “Start” matching the enum button.

Thats it! Why is it not capturing the time correctly? It seems to be working for the first buttone…but then when the other buttons are pressed also the time changes in the previous time captures. They all have their own column and their own button names so I don’t understand why this is happening. All 4 button time captures are on the same row and the one row has collumns where the time stamp is captured and saved then later it will be edited and capture a separate timestamp and then saved, and so on for all 4 entries, is it not working properly because I am editing the same row? It shouldn’t be changing the time stamp right?

Also I was wondering if there was a way to actually edit a timestamp. Like if the admin needed to change the time stamp hours for any reason is there a way for that to happen?

Thank you for your time!

(Steven Coile) #2

To be clear, do you have a separate ChangeTimestamp column for each of the 4 button columns, i.e. 4 separate ChangeTimestamp columns?

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+Steve Coile

Yes I do. For one entry there are 4 Changetimestamp columns with its corresponding column enum button. So onse the button is pressed it triggers it. But I believe since the app is syncing for each update, it considers that as a change in the previous changetimestamps so it is changing the previous time to the second timestamp capture time :frowning:

(Auto Magic PDR) #4

So I fixed the probelm! I’m not quite sure why this was a problem but I had to change the view from detail (quick edit columns) to a table and actually click the edit button and save after every entry. Weird? Not sure why ! But I’m glad the issue is fixed? Lol. Changed the style of my app a bit but now it actually works so that’s okay :slight_smile: