Hi I am pretty new to AppSheet and have been ...

(Nate Moneypenny) #1

Hi I am pretty new to AppSheet and have been playing around with it and so far I like what it can do for the app I am trying to make.

However I cant seem to find a solution on how to do the following, I am sure I am just overlooking something.

I have an app set up to record and chart the weight of my 2 pet birds, I have the update process working correctly if they were built as 2 separate apps, however I am wanting to have a “Home” screen that lets you choose which bird to record the weight for and the ability to add a new bird if needed.

The problem I cant figure out is how to link the 2 together, I can get the look i want with the app loading a picture of the birds based on a deck view but when you click on the picture it is only letting me update the picture in the sheet.

Is there a way to get two linked together?

Thank you

(Reza Raoofi) #2

I recommend using 2 tables; one for Birds, and one for the weight records; this way each row in Birds’ table will be related to its associated weight records in Weight table; the 2 tables would be related via Ref column; you may want to read this article too:

intercom.help - References Between Tables

References Between Tables intercom.help