Hi , I am working to build a ticketing syste...

(Tejaswini Yarramaneni) #1

Hi ,

I am working to build a ticketing system app. Few columns which are important are UID(unique id for ticket), parent UID(parent uid if the ticket has a root), Assign To , Reassign(yes,no) .

I have a action which executes the group of statements : 1.sets reassign to yes 2.copies the current row and edits it 3. closes ticket

I am wondering if there is a way in the 2nd step to copy row and store the previous row details .Like in my case I want to have the previous rows uid to be set as current rows parent uid . Is there a way this can be achieved ?

Thanks, Tejaswini.

(Tejaswini Yarramaneni) #2

@Grant_Stead Thanks!! So I want to see how the ticket started and why it was reassigned too . That’s why I was looking into options to have a parent uid to make that happen . Thanks for the suggestions I ll try them out.

(Grant Stead) #3

We have an action to straight copy a row. We also have an action called linktoform in which you can pass as much info from the current record as you want. So, yes…

The real hiccup imo, is having to mark a record as reassigned and subsequently closed. 1. Could you not determine that from a virtual column with an app formula… Somehow based on the information… Like it’s not the newest record with such and such parent? 2. Why do you need to even make a while new record just for a reassignment.

Thinking through that, your should be able to have one simple action take care of it… The other thing to consider is action failures or if someone cancels a record… If you’ve already marked the old record as reassigned, you’re kinda goofed up. So you’ll typically want to do that expression wise that way if they cancel the"old" record isn’t compromised