Hi, I did not make any changes to my app but...

(Afriyandi Amin) #1


I did not make any changes to my app but since this Sunday I could not save any transaction I made.

Can anyone give enlightenment ?


(timon wever) #2

same problem with my app, i’ve seen more people with this issue, now app is fully down, first only tablets and phones, hope appsheet fixes this quickly!

(Thomas Chandra (THOMZZ)) #3

Disini lancar bro. Mungkin backend nya. Pakai apa datasource nya? Translate

(Tony Fader) #4

@Afriyandi_Amin What steps do I need to take in your app to recreate the problem?

(Afriyandi Amin) #5

@tony fill the form - there will be two form, the one that got problem is the last one when you try to SAVE. It will go the fist page instead of saving the data.

(Tony Fader) #6

@Afriyandi_Amin It looks like you may have a show_if condition on your subsequent page headers. The choice that you make in the page right before it switches over may be hiding the next pages. Can you take a look at your show_if formulas and see if that’s the case?

(Afriyandi Amin) #7

@tony Sorry I don’t understand. I haven’t made any changes to the apps before this happened. Where can I find the “show_if” formulas ?

(Tony Fader) #8

@Afriyandi_Amin They are in your column structure. Look at your Show-type columns’ definitions. There is a show_if formula, e.g. [Pilih Transaksi]=“Mobil Kecil”

(Tony Fader) #9

@Afriyandi_Amin I’m also adding @Sarah_Gould_AppSheet, she’s working on similar issues.

(Sarah Gould [AppSheet]) #10

The issue here is that required fields on hidden pages are getting validated when they shouldn’t be. I have a fix for this that should go out later today, but in the meantime you can change the required fields to use a “Required_If” formula that matches the page’s “Show_If” formula.

(Thomas Chandra (THOMZZ)) #11

You said you never edit your app, are you sure? If that’s the case it looks like there’s internal

upgrade/bugfix that affect your app @Afriyandi_Amin. OR there’s uncatched bug in YOUR APP and now it’s

appearing. Either case you have to fix your app.

(Afriyandi Amin) #12

+Thomas Chandra google sheet

(Thomas Chandra (THOMZZ)) #13

sama saya juga gsheet


(Tony Fader) #14

@Afriyandi_Amin Please post more details about what the error is.

(Afriyandi Amin) #15

@tony I could not SAVE a transaction using SAVE button. It keeps going back to first page.

(timon wever) #16

@tony more people including myself are having this problem, 3 days ago tablets and phones started having this problem (also PC in tablet preview mode ), could not save any form, goes back to the previous page, since 2 days ago, also pc doesn’t work any more.

(Afriyandi Amin) #17

huhu please help…already a week

(Tony Fader) #18

@Afriyandi_Amin Can you give me the name of your app and the precise steps to recreate the problem? I’ll need to reproduce it on my end in order to solve the problem.

(Afriyandi Amin) #19

@tony the name is LOMO 4 POS. Many thanks for your response !