Hi, I followed the Video about NFC, and I ha...

(Bjarne Allerup) #1


I followed the Video about NFC, and I happens to have a NFC card like the one showed in the video.

When I try to read it,

AppSheet says that nothing have been stored in the NFC Card, but when I read the card wit another App I get this returned: 00000585_04e4c612a44080 I think all NFC tag have an internal number, but may bee not where AppSheet looks for it??

Can anybody help, to explain this?

(Bjarne Allerup) #2

I thin I found the explanation? AppSheet can not Read the natural UID off of the NFC chip.

But I would really like to use the built UID, thanks in advance.

(Grant Stead) #3

@Bjarne_Allerup another thing is that appsheet currently does not read encrypted data.

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #4

@Bjarne_Allerup That’s correct, AppSheet will read Ndef records from your tags, but not it’s UID. We do appreciate your feedback and will think how can we support UID in the future.

(Grant Stead) #5

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet thanks for bringing us NFC, it’s an epic addition to the platform! (I’m already gearing up!)

(Bjarne Allerup) #6


Sounds really good, we use UID today in our Check’N’Report App, so it is very fast to get a new customer, they just buy Tags and use them, to make a new security round without programming the NFC Tags.

But sometime customers want more specific features than we we have in our standard App,

and here we want to use AppSheet to build these customer specific apps.

AppSheet is the best, keep up the good work.