Hi, I got 3 columns: Column Type ...

(Francis Woon) #1


I got 3 columns: Column


App Forumula Start

DateTime End

DateTime Hrs



In the preview within App Sheet i can see the Hrs being updated whenever End is being set…but in the Android app, it only updates if you press the screen again after the End is being set…did i miss some settings??

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

If I understood your question correctly, yes it’s the normal behavior. You need to go out from the field if you want to see the result of the app formula.

(Francis Woon) #3

hmm not very intuitive. Because right after a user click set after selecting the datetime, it brings the user back to the view and naturally user would assume that Hrs column to be updated. It confuses the user into thinking that the previous setting was broken.