Hi, I have a detail-view which lets me save s...

(Alper) #1

Hi, I have a detail-view which lets me save some GPS locations, along with some text info. In another view, I have a map, showing the coordinates from a record, formerly saved in detail view. I am looking for a way, to let map-view updated according to currently viewed record, in the detail view. Tried what I can think of all day, but all failed.

What should I do to update coordinates shown in map view? I think I need a single cell which will be used as a variable (ie, place’s name) for filtering purposes, I tried something similar, but with every new record added in detail view, my variable cell moves to next row, naturally. And I think it’s not possible to set first cell (place name)

in a column to selected text, when editing other records. Any ideas?

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@Harry Thank you for this, not aware that global variables available to us. I tried to set validif[] section of option 1 (text) to following formula: sheet5[matching_fields]

But it complains : The expression is valid but its result type ‘List’ is not one of the expected types: Yes/No

(matching_fields is a v.column and populating a list of unique names of fields via: =SELECT(Sheet5[Property_name], TRUE, TRUE)

Is it possible to feed option 1 with a list of values from a column?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #3

@Alper You may want to combine the detail view and the map view into an interactive dashboard view. Also, you will need to add a table view of the same table to the dashboard view as well. When you select a certain row in the table view, both the detail view and the map view will change to display the selected row.

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@Harry Thank you for the reply. What I did was, created a v.column with app formula to select() [placename] as Enum, then in another existing text column in the sheet, set its validif() to =v.column, this way I can select the place name and its saved, but ofcourse into its own row. Mapview is set to read coords from first line of another sheet and that row is created by applying google sheets filter() to select a record from main data sheet, according to the placename written in a specific cell(sheet5, B2, lets say). I dont know how let appsheet write selected placename, into that cell, when I choose another name while editing another record (ie, B3) My placename selection normally recorded into B3. Or another way is setting all records under sheet5.B column to selected text which turns B2 to selected text too, if possible. For your advises, I want to keep map view as large as possible thats why I decided to show it as seperate view so dashboard idea may not be ideal for my case (there are several other map pins which overlaps in smaller views). Tried adding table into dashboard but selecting a record (touching to a record) only takes me into main sheet’s detail view, so not sure how it will result with changing display of relevant records in map and detail views.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #5

@Alper I’m afraid I am not familiar with your app enough to follow your description. However, if you have certain values that you want to save and apply across views and tables, perhaps you can try using User Settings. You can find more information here:

help.appsheet.com - User Settings: The Essentials User Settings: The Essentials help.appsheet.com

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Look into the dashboard view type (UX > Views). The interactive mode might help you accomplish what you want without all the virtual columns and expressions.

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+Steve Coile Thank you Steve, I just found what

interactive mode is doing, and then realised your answer :slight_smile: