Hi, I have a question about references. I ha...

(Timothy Martin) #1

Hi, I have a question about references.

I have a spreadsheet that is labelled Employee Reviews and it has a column “Name” that is referencing another spreadsheet in my app called “stats”. This adds an inline view at the bottom of each of my stats pages with a chart.

I would like to have my spreadsheet “Employee Reviews” references a spreadsheet called “previous Pay period” but then add the inline view to the bottom of my “stats” view still… How can I do that since I am no longer directly referencing “stats”?

(Timothy Martin) #2

Could I have two reference points on one table that each link to a different spreadsheet?

(Tony Fader) #3

@Timothy_Martin Yep, there’s no limit on the number of reference columns a table can have.

(Tony Fader) #4

@Timothy_Martin It sounds like you need to add a reference column to your stats table from the table that you want an inline view of. I can’t say how to do that, because I don’t know the details of your app.

But if you want to have an inline view of TableX show up when viewing a record of your Stats table, you’ll need to add a reference column to TableX that references your Stats table. This could be a virtual column

with an app formula.

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I have a table that shows my employees what they have made for money. I have a table that shows them what they have done for stats. I have a review form that references the stats table to populate the form with their stats and saves it into a spreadsheet. I then want to take the reviews and add that inline view to the bottom of the table that shows what they have made for money. All of my tables have a [name] row.

(Timothy Martin) #6

Currently it will take the reviews inline view and it will show it at the bottom of the stats page for each rep because that is the one I have referenced. If I add a second reference to say my email column that each table has it shows that there is no data.

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@Timothy_Martin It’s still difficult for me to figure out the layout of your data, so I can’t give any more precise advice than I gave above. If all of your tables have the same [name] column, then consider making that column a reference to some central table, maybe?

(Timothy Martin) #9

If I have two references and they both have the same columns, how does it know which one to reference

(Tony Fader) #10

@Timothy_Martin The two reference columns will store two separate values. When adding a new row to your table, there will be two dropdown menus where you can choose each reference value independently.

(Timothy Martin) #11

I apologize for sounding dense but I can’t seem to get this to work. Each column only has one reference you can set in

the columns definition section. I have that setup properly. I want to take my inline view and now attach it to the bottom of another slide in the app. Since I have already references the colmn it is showing in the bottom of the slide that I referenced but how can I get it to show elsewhere.

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I want to take that inline view and now attach it to a different slide that I didn’t refence the info on

(Tony Fader) #15

@Timothy_Martin I might be confused at what you’re trying to do. I was suggesting that you have two columns on your table, ReferenceColumn1 and ReferenceColumn2. Both of those columns can point to the same table.

(Timothy Martin) #16

I want to take my inline view and display it on a different page of my app. I can only get it to display on the table that I have referenced.