Hi. I have a question about where data saved...

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I have a question about where data saved.

I expect the data in my app will so big. because It has data by members. If this app get more member and all data are in server, data limit was over. maybe 5MB? 10MB?

so, I want to save just some data for grouping member information in cloud. The other ones have to be saved in personal local storage(each cell phone storage)

Is it possible?

Thank you for your advice.

ps. And I can’t write english well. Thank you for read my poor english. hahaha

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Hi, the data used by apps is stored in some form of cloud storage — a spreadsheet, a database, etc. A copy of the data needed for each user is stored locally on a device.

So it is a different model from what you describe.

Cloud storage is typically pretty cheap. If you do acquire many members for your app, you will want to ensure that their data is in the cloud (so that it is not lost when a device is lost, etc).

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Thank you for your comment. So, I want to know that can I use this app when the app data size is over the limits. I’m worried about app speed so slow or more data is not allowed in appsheet. It is posting about data limit : help.appsheet.com - Limits on Data Size Limits on Data Size help.appsheet.com

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Hi, as described in that article, the most important limit is on how much data you expect each user to download to their app. If you use security filters, you can ensure that each user sees only a subset of the data. As a theoretical example, suppose there were 1000 users and each has 1000 rows of data. In total this is a million rows of data (so you should probably use a relational database, not a spreadsheet). But the app will work fine if you set up a security filter so that each user only gets the 1000 rows owned by them.

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Thanks!! I’ll try security filters. That was a great explanation.