Hi, I have a question regarding taking image...

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I have a question regarding taking images via appsheet app. I want to use this feature for my google sheets - I want the images that are taken via the app to be directly visible on the google sheet, in its cell. Is it possible?

Right now, the image is uploaded to the corresponding folder in google drive and the value on the sheet is “Foldername\Filename.jpg” . Is it at least possible to make that link into a hyperlink so that if I click on the image, I should be able to view the image directly?

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See topic “Showing images in Google Sheets” in article help.appsheet.com - Displaying Images and Documents

Displaying Images and Documents help.appsheet.com

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for!

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Edit : @Philip_Garrett_Appsh , now if I create a new column in the sheet for displaying the image, would it get reflected in the Form? I would not want that particular column to get affected by Appsheet right? So how to do that?

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You can mark the field as Hidden on the Data > Column tab.

If you want it to appear some places and not others, you could include it in the table but exclude it from your slice.

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@Rajaah_Dhananjey Also, here’s an example app that demonstrates it: appsheet.com - Images in sheets - How to have images show up in your Google Sheet Images in sheets - How to have images show up in your Google Sheet appsheet.com

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In this case, is the image hosted in appsheet? Or it is simply a way to link the images stored in my drive?

EDIT : Also, why RC[-1] is used in the formula as the cell name? Does it mean previous cell in the same row?

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See topic “How Image Capture Works” in this article help.appsheet.com - Capturing Images

Yes RC[-1] is the previous cell in the current row. Google “R1C1 Notation” to better understand it.

Capturing Images help.appsheet.com

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Thanks!