Hi, I have a question. Why data partition i...


I have a question.

Why data partition is not a feature for nonBusiness plans anymore? Isn’t data partition meant for Non SQL databases more than SQL databases? It seems that you are really trying to limit the database size to a couple of workbooks for nonBusiness plans… Why increase prices and eliminate some features

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Just so you know data partitioning has been always available for higher than Pro plan which was previously called corporate plan, now called business subscription.

Check out this article for more details and AppSheet CEO’s personal note about that decision: blog.appsheet.com - Changes to AppSheet Plans & Pricing Changes to AppSheet Plans & Pricing blog.appsheet.com

Thank you!

I’ve just realized that data partitioning in only available in the highest plans. Partitioning touches directly on performance and I think it should be available as a basic feature. Appsheet performance seems to be easily impacted by moderate quantity of data. Any application gathering data on a daily basis will at some point become too slow regardless of how simple the app.

I’ll now have to review the viability of my apps depending on what my clients are willing to pay.

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Totally agree. Even in a Publisher PRO plan we are forbidden using database as datasource.
Please vote my feature request here:

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