Hi I have a sporting club that meets on mult...

(Patrick Dight) #1


I have a sporting club that meets on multiple nights with different members and different locations. I have defined tables for clubs, members and lessons (a club night) but I need to quickly record which active members have attended on a night. This record keeping is essential from a child protection standpoint.

I can bulk select rows from a view of active members for a club location but there is no way I can see to save this into a separate attendance table for the lesson. Creating a column for each lesson on a member table does not appeal and manually adding each person will be too slow to be usable (I think).

I have searched and this appears to have been mentioned previously and is not possible but I should have thought there would be a great many applications of this “bulk add into a separate table” function? What is the work around or is there a plan to provide for this?

Many thanks, Patrick

(Patrick Dight) #2

Perhaps I need to use a workflow? When I create a lesson record (with club key and date key), can I bulk insert a copy of all active members (for the club) into an attendance table (new lesson key and member key) which I can then do a simple row update to a present column?

(Steven Coile) #3

I don’t believe there’s any way to do a bulk insert that doesn’t require user interaction for each record.

You could have an EnumList-type column in the lessons table that ties to the members table. The form could pre-fill the list with all members, then the user could remove those not in attendance.