Hi, I have almost completed data viewer part ...

(Alper) #1

Hi, I have almost completed data viewer part of my app. I have a single G.Sheets document and 8 sheets within the file. The first sheet (sheet1) contains raw data and others contain various filtered/averaged/etc versions of raw data. All works perfectly well. But, this is just for one type of data. Problem is, I want to add 5 or more data types which will be handled exactly the same way (same way of averaging, filtering, viewing… etc), and want to switch between these data types, so user will be able to view/filter one type of data, at a time.

My question is, what will be the best way to handle such scenario? Should I create one Google file for each data type and make a switch button to change everything from one file to other, or should I add all different types of data to same sheet1, add a data_type field, filter according to enum_selected data type and continue from there? (In future, I will add a location variable also, on top of data type, rest will be same). What might be the best approach, considering thousands of records will be created by users for each data type ? TIA, Alper

(Steven Coile) #2

You’re processing and filtering the data with Google Sheets rather than with your app?

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

If your gSheet can handle your data amount, you could use security filter and Usersettingscombination to filter the data for your user’s device.

(Alper) #4

@Aleksi_Alkio I will look what can be done with security filter and user settings, I didn’t give attention to them yet, thanks for guidance.

(Alper) #5

+Steve Coile I could not figure out how to filter out some records according to enumlist selected date or multiple dates, currently using the following formula in g.sheets:

=FILTER(Sheet1!A:G, Sheet1!E:E = Sheet1!$J$2) then using pivot table of gsheets in another sheet.

An enum_list sets a cell as comma separated, then I split it across a column then finally filter records according to contents of that column. I am not sure how to do all these in Appsheet yet. But I managed to build my app in 10days, with zero former experience with Appsheet, or Google sheets, this is fantastic, alone. I continue to learn, final aim is using cloud postgres dbase, hopefully.