Hi. I have an "Action" that consists in Copy ...

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Hi. I have an “Action” that consists in Copy a record of a table. I would like to do this but that the new records that appears in Edit mode shows one Field Erased. The objective is that the new Record shows Adress the same than the original but doesn’t keep the same name by mistake. Is this feasible?

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(Aleksi Alkio) #3

May I ask what kind of action are you using? If you take a direct copy, you don’t have control how to copy. If you need to adjust it, you should use LINKTOFORM instead. You can find more about it from this document… help.appsheet.com - Column Type: App (Deep Links) Column Type: App (Deep Links) help.appsheet.com

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I used “Behaviour»Action»Effect»App: Copy ths row and edit the copy”. And it works fine. I just wanted to go a step further by erasing authomically on the new Copy of the record the fileds I wanted mandatory to be changed.

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You can do that with the LINKTOFORM action because you can choose what columns to copy.