Hi. I have an app that allows users to creat

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I have an app that allows users to create a TASK that has a START TIME, END TIME and a STATUS of either open, closed or overdue. What I’m trying to accomplish is to have the STATUS change to “overdue” if the END TIME is less than NOW(). I have an action to make the change and I created a workflow to trigger it using this condition: (([Status] =“Open”) , [End Date] <= Now())

…but it only triggers when the task is updated. Is there a way to trigger the workflow or the action whenever the app is synced, or launched? I basically want users to wake up in the morning and see all current statuses of their tasks. Any help is greatly appreciated.

(Steven Coile) #2

Use a virtual column for STATUS. Virtual columns are updated whenever any of their component values are updated, when the app is synced, and when the app is started.

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Steve Coile FTW thanks so much!

For anyone stumbling upon this looking for the same solution:

I let the user create a TASK with a STATUS of either open or closed. (Originally I allowed the user could select “overdue” when creating a task… rookie mistake)

Then a virtual column called CURRENT STATUS with the following in the app formula:

IF(AND([Status] = “Open”,[status]<> “Closed”, [End date]< NOW()), “Overdue”, [Status])

Thanks again Steve. Faith in humanity = restored