Hi, I have an app with name "Brüter", means w...

(Christoph Bücker) #1

Hi, I have an app with name “Brüter”, means with the special german character inside. I tried to copy this app to a new name but it rejects it because of this special character inside. Is there a restriction to the name not to use special characters? And was this changed because its working upto now?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You have probably changed your original app name after creating. The reason for this behavior is the URL. When you create a new app or you take a copy, you can’t use special characters. You can change the name later, but it won’t change the name in the URL address.

(Christoph Bücker) #3

uups, exactly this was the case. I renamed the app later on. Thanks for pointing this out.