Hi I have apps in a PREMIUM plan and I have ...

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I have apps in a PREMIUM plan and I have email notifications (in the workflow section) Add a row, Update, Delete, All changes etc.

My account and my apps are before the pricing change. After June, all the forms of data changes will be off or some of them?

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Have you received a warning or something? I do not exactly understand your concern; as for Email notifications, I believe in new pricing they are already covered in PREMIUM plan:

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Here is the link to new pricing and available features by plans: https://solutions.appsheet.com/pricing

(Sakis Koukouvis) #4

Yes, I read in “ADVANCED FEATURES” that “Change Data & Webhook Workflows” are on the PRO plan. I want to know more details about the email notifications on the PREMIUM plan. Will I have (in PREMIUM plan, email notifications when a row is updated or not?

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(Reza Raoofi) #6

That “Change Data & Webhook Workflows” only refers to workflows that are used for integration between AppSheet app and external sources, or when you invoke AppSheet API in order to trigger an add/update/delete data from outside AppSheet, or even within AppSheet using a Webhook workflow.

They have nothing to do with your current email notification workflows.

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Thank you @RezaRaoofi I am relieved