Hi, I have been trying to build a small CRM a...

(Deepan R) #1

Hi, I have been trying to build a small CRM app for our sales team. This CRM app would pick data from other 2 apps called ‘Contacts’ and ‘Deliveries’. (The contacts app will have details of the customers and Deliveries will have the list of deliveries made to this each customer). Now back to my issue, I this CRM database contains columns,

  1. Customer name

–> references from contact table 2. Related Deliveries --> List view of ‘Deliveries’ table for the respective customer.

  1. Last delivery date --> Max delivery date of Related Deliveries.

  2. Time since last delivery --> No of days since last delivery was made.

I have been struggling on how to achieve the 3rd (Last delivery date) and 4th (Time since last delivery). I browsed the articles on MAX functions on a reference list, but couldn’t get much. Can anyone help me on this?


(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

@Deepan_R,You may wish to

explore expressions something like below

For 3

MAX([Related Deliveries][Delivery Date])

Assuming delivery table has [Delivery Date] column

For 4 -


[Last Delivery Date]) /24

Assuming [Last Delivery Date] is the output of 3

(Deepan R) #3

@Suvrutt_Gurjar Thanks for the suggestions…No-4 had worked out, but unfortunately, the no-3 didn’t…It gave me an error invalid expression. However, i managed to fix this by creating a slice for the same table and used max function on the date field. It worked out. Thanks again!!